What Students Are Saying

We feel extremely fortunate to have found this course! The practice, repetition, and test taking techniques taught in the class along with the confidence and calmness provided by the mock SAT environment proved to be invaluable. My son Sam earned a perfect score on the SAT. Looking at his early practice scores, this was a substantial improvement.

– Pat, parent

Without this course I would not have been able to achieve my full potential on the SAT. The course was very instructive and detailed, helping me to improve my score across the full SAT. The repeated practice tests and techniques meant that on test day I was very comfortable with the question types that appeared on the test and how to approach them. Thanks to the course I was able to raise my score 440 points and ultimately achieve a perfect score!

– Sam, student

A Perfect Score!

Sam, student
Sam, student

This course gave me a solid understanding of what to expect on the SAT. My teacher was awesome! Super helpful and fun environment!
– Zoe


I really liked the way the class was set up. I learned great strategies and developed a solid plan of action. My teacher was engaging and cared about our success. The best thing about the course was the progress and confidence I achieved. I’m telling my friends about this course because they will love it!
– Matt


Super nice people and an excellent effective system. The course was very good, and I was well prepared when it came time for the test.
– Elise


The course couldn’t have been better – definitely worth the time and money. My instructor was great! Very helpful and positive experience.
–  Emily


The course was very helpful yet laid back, which was perfect for me. My instructor was really fun and taught me so many new skills and strategies. Taking weekly tests was helpful, too. I majorly improved my scores!
– Samantha


The course presented a wide variety of strategies for people who think in different ways. It truly helped me. Our instructor was professional and presented the information clearly. The worksheets were helpful, and allowed me to use those strategies. I also appreciated the binder, practice tests, and feedback. The course was great!
– Michael


My score increased radically! The teacher taught the material in a fun and entertaining way. I always looked forward to going to class.
– Jenny

My instructor was really great and enthusiastic. She helped motivate us. I needed her encouragement to be able to keep going and ultimately raise my score.
– Max


I thought the course was very good. My instructor knew the material he was teaching and conveyed that knowledge effectively. He also had a great attitude. The way each student was attended to was the best and more than I expected.
– Rajiv


Fun, energetic, chill, great tricks to tackle the SAT!
– Tony


After taking another SAT course, my score wasn’t what I needed it to be. My instructor really zeroed in on my needs. The best part is that I radically changed my scores!
– Nick


I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me prepare for the SAT. I was happy with my scores, and I know I couldn’t have improved as much as I did without your course. Thanks again!
– Lisa


My instructor helped me conquer my test anxiety and get an awesome score! I usually know the answers, but freeze up on tests. It was really helpful to take so many practice tests and learn how to pace myself.
– Dave


This course helped me a ton! I loved our instructor. He was fun and passionate about teaching. He made getting ready for the SAT exciting! It was helpful to learn the tricks and the practice tests helped build my stamina.
– Audrey

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