About Us

Test Prep Santa Barbara was founded in 1988 in Seattle before opening in Santa Barbara. We specialize in helping high school students prepare for the SAT and ACT. For more than three decades, we’ve helped thousands of students significantly increase their scores on standardized college admissions tests. We've also offered effective tutoring in most academic subjects.

Years of Experience

Our goal is simple: to help students succeed.


We help every student we work with maximize performance and reach his or her potential.
We are gratified to know we’ve been instrumental in positively impacting countless students’ lives.

Leadership Matters.


Lisa Mazor is the director of Test Prep Santa Barbara. After moving to Santa Barbara, she saw the need for the personalized and effective test prep services that her company has offered the greater Seattle area for almost thirty years. She founded Test Prep Santa Barbara with a mission to provide the highest quality test prep available in the Santa Barbara area. Over the years, Lisa and her talented staff have been prepping students for the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. She personally designed curriculum for each course and developed innovative test prep materials unique to these impactful programs.


Live Instruction Matters.


Test Prep Santa Barbara believes the most effective test prep programs feature live classes taught by exceptionally well-trained test prep experts working collaboratively with students, face-to-face. Our students learn in a classroom with instructors who adapt the curriculum and the class to their students’ needs. We now focus exclusively on preparing students for both the SAT and ACT. We utilize all our resources to offer the best, most comprehensive, live test preparation courses available.


Relationships Matter.


We are grateful for our long-term relationships with schools. Through our Schools Program, we partner with schools to provide our test prep courses to their students for discounted tuition. Classes are often taught in the schools to make it easy for students to attend. We work with school counselors and administrators to offer scholarships and financial aid to students with the greatest need who stand to benefit most.


Our Instructors Matter.


Our instructors are unsurpassed. They are selected from scores of applicants, trained thoroughly in our systems, and highly regarded by our students. We know it’s crucial for us to select smart, relatable and dynamic individuals to make our test prep programs both effective and enjoyable. We want students to raise their scores and love their classes!

Lisa Mazor, Director

We are proud to offer excellent SAT Prep and ACT Prep services in Santa Barbara and are dedicated to the success of our students.